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METATRON REMOTE® Health Diagnostic Therapy System
Metatron Hospital Upgraded By Medicomat Ltd For Remote Mode

Why Us

We are the original creators of both the NLS-diagnostic method and the original equipment used for its application. All other similar devices are mere attempts to imitate us.

Our method is contactless, non-invasive, quick, and safe, providing highly-informative examinations of the organism. It ensures maximum safety by minimizing intervention in the internal environment of the body.

The research process is efficient, with an average time of 15-20 minutes per patient. Our equipment is mobile, portable, and affordable, making the research accessible to all.

The NLS-method is highly informative, crucial for accurate diagnosis. It offers high objectivity in information reading and enables the detection and monitoring of pathological conditions at early stages, even without significant organic changes in tissues.

Additionally, it allows for active homeostasis control, a feature not found in any other modern diagnostic system.

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